Stargate Craft adds an address directed portal based transportation network based on the TV series Stargate SG-1,

2013-08-15 15.56.05

Stargate Frame

Building A StargateEdit

The Wormhole is contained within a frame known as a Stargate (no durr, right?) which is a 5*5 verticle frame made with Ring blocks, Chevron blocks and a Stargate Base block, when building your stargate you must place the Base block in the Center of the Bottom row, place Chevrons in the corners and center of the top and sides And Ring Blocks in the remaining Spaces, this will then cause your frame to form the impossible shape

2013-08-15 15.56.23

The Impossible Shape

Using Your StargateEdit

Right clicking the impossible shape will open a GUI containing its Dial Code and a 2*2 grid, Save the dial address (EXAMPLE: the Address for the gate at the spawn for the official server is LNKANBA) as you will need this to dial back to your stargate, and place some Naquadah Fuel into the 2*2 grid,

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